James blunt told me what the song “You’re Beautiful”

Джеймс Блант рассказал, о чём песня «You’re Beautiful»

Too far away from romance. James blunt, singer of the hit “You’re Beautiful” was a cynical and wonders why the song everyone wants to hear on your wedding day as melody of the first dance. In fact, the essence of this song is too dark to sit so firmly in the minds of people, and the singer rushed to her voice.

“Everyone says: “Oh, this song is so romantic. I want to dance the first dance at my wedding under it..” These people are stupid. I’m tired of that people think I’m a complete romantic because of this song, everyone thinks I’m white and fluffy, but it is not so, damn it. And “You’re Beautiful” is not a romantic song.
She talks about the guy who drugged encounters in the subway, someone’s girlfriend, and then there is her boyfriend. Now the hero will have to shut up or go to jail for sexual harassment,” said blunt in an interview with the Huffington Post, and thereby breaking our rose-colored glasses.

Well, that’s not what I expected to hear from his fans, especially female fans. Now we have to get that song out of my head.