Джамалу хотят лишить звания народной артистки

With this petition the people of Ukraine are going to appeal to the President Petro Poroshenko.

The theme of “Eurovision” does not cease so far, though it has been almost three weeks since, when he announced this year’s winners. But many can not accept the fact that first place went to the Ukrainian singer Jamal. Including the Ukrainians themselves. Moreover, residents of the square are outraged that in honor of the victory on “Eurovision 2016” Petro Poroshenko has awarded the singer the title of people’s artist of the country.

On the website of the head of state recently published the e-petition to deny Jamal such a honorary title.

“Citizens of Ukraine will never hear the outstanding songs of this singer, she doesn’t have at least three songs that would know the majority of Ukrainians. One song does not figure. For this title to win the song contest, but also a recognition of its Ukrainians, her songs should be on everyone’s lips. And this song is no.”

The initiative was registered on Thursday 26 may and so far has collected only four votes of support. For consideration of the petition by the head of state requires that at least 25 thousand people agreed with the opinion of the author. The process of collection of signatures will last 92 days.

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