Jamal violated the rules of “Eurovision”

Джамала дважды нарушила правила «Евровидения»

And now the organizing Committee of the popular music competition can be simply forced to revise results. Singer from Ukraine risks not only losing first place, but to be disqualified.

“Who are the judges?” – arguing about the results of “Eurovision 2016” the last few days viewers from 53 countries. When the number of signatures on a petition to revise the results, unfair, and biased, exceeded 300 thousand, people somehow subsided. Supposedly, under public pressure, the organizing Committee will be obliged to restore justice. But no. The organizer of the collection of signatures Arthur Oganesyan (incidentally, a resident of Yerevan!) not even managed to convey an official document to the recipient, as in EBU has prepared an official statement. Say, you agree or not, will be on our way.

“We urge those who signed the petition, make the result valid in accordance with the rules, and to continue a constructive dialogue on ways of further strengthening and improvement of “Eurovision”, – reads the appeal of the official representatives of the competition, published in RIA Novosti (read more HERE).

“Here’s to you, grandmother, and Yurev day!” – for some reason, and asked to fly with the tongue.

A flurry of outrage, however, immediately gave way to ironic remarks. For our mind, of course, it’s a shame, but next time for sure everyone will show! Cord to Kiev send! In extreme cases, as said pop-king of Russian pop Philip Kirkorov, starve take! (read more HERE).

But, it seems that news about the political music competition on the planet will rattle more than one week. A few days after the final of “Eurovision” journalist and blogger Anatoly Shary dug up some new sensational details. It turns out that Jamal violated the conditions of competition.

The first violation of the (previously discovered), we recall, concerned the subject of a musical composition. The organizing Committee of “Eurovision” was convinced that the song has no political background. However, later in conversation with journalists, calling themselves the culprit, Jamal admitted that in “1944” still has a special connotation. Yes, what!

But Anatoly Shary in its investigation found out that the Ukrainian artist still presented not a new song. The blogger managed to dig up video a year ago. The results showed that Jamal performed the now well-known throughout the globe, the composition may 18, 2015 on the evening of memory of the deportation of Crimean Tatars in Kiev, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

But according to the regulations, the participant of “Eurovision” has no right to declare the contest a song used before 1 September of the previous year.

EBU, now I just have to review the results of the competition. But who knows what tomorrow will bring and who and what he is obliged to. As they say, wait and see.

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