Джамала может лишиться звания «Народная артистка Украины» In the Internet appeared the petition from disgruntled citizens. According to their appeal, residents have not heard a single hit Jamala, which took first place at the contest “Eurovision” and received the prestigious title.

      Джамала может лишиться звания «Народная артистка Украины»

      It’s been almost two weeks since then, as took place in Stockholm international music competition “Eurovision”. First place was taken by the representative of Ukraine – singer Jamal. According to the rules of the show, next year’s “Eurovision” will open its doors to Ukraine.

      At home Jamal met, as is proper to meet the winners. Suddenly a 32-year-old actress has become a real celebrity. The country’s leaders are so impressed with the victory of the star that the decision was made to assign Jamal the title “people’s artist”.

      Internet users signed a petition about cancellation of results of “Eurovision”

      However, this initiative was supported by all citizens of the country. The fact is that usually such a high rank given only to the most honored artists who for many years worked for the good of the Motherland and gave their creativity to the people, and whose songs are known all over the country. Therefore, the initiative group has published on the website of the head of state in the petition that asked to reconsider the decision as Jamala.

      “Offer to deprive the singer Jamal title “people’s artist of Ukraine”! Based on the fact that the citizens of Ukraine will never hear the outstanding songs of this singer, she doesn’t have three songs that I knew the majority of Ukrainians. One song is not an indicator,” reads the petition text.

      The author of the initiative also noted, says the Agency “RIA, what the title should be awarded not only for winning the Eurovision song contest, and for the “recognition of Ukrainians”. By the way, the initiative was registered on Thursday. The process of collection of signatures will last 92 days.

      Representatives of “Eurovision” met Jamal for the scandal with the song

      Recall, this is not the first time Internet users, there are questions to Jamal. Last week the singer was able to catch in violation of the rules of “Eurovision”. In accordance with the Charter of the competition, the songs that take part in the show, should not be executed before the filing deadline, i.e. 1 September 2015. Meanwhile, in YouTube there was video from the concert of Jamala, posted on may 19, 2015. During this speech the singer performed the song “1944”, which at that time had a different name – “Our Crimea”.

      “Don’t worry, it was just a rehearsal. Was also used by another text, and another interpretation,” commented Jamal, knowing that the entry is discussed in the Network.

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