Jamal boasted a wedding ring

Джамала похвасталась обручальным кольцом The singer, who took first place at Eurovision in Stockholm, is married to his chosen one, whom he had met three years. Spouse star will become a public figure Bekir Suleymanov. Jamal literally glows with happiness.

      33-year-old singer who became the winner of “Eurovision-2016,” he shared with fans of good news. Happy Jamal showed them the engagement ring. “I said Yes!”, – told smiling broadly, the singer in his Instagram. The chosen celebrity has become a public figure Bakir Suleimanov, born in Simferopol.

      Fans Jamala sincerely rejoiced for your favorite artist. They began to congratulate her on her upcoming wedding and wish the star all the best. “Wonderful ring, be happy!”, “What wonderful news, peace and love”, “May you be together until the end of days”, “You will be the most beautiful bride”, “take care of each other!”, “You deserve it”, wrote the followers of the performer.

      Before you decide to reveal your relationship to the public, Jamal and Bekir for a long time kept them secret. Reportedly, several times noticed the singer and her alleged lover at various events, including the Eurovision song contest, held this year in Stockholm.

      In interview to one of editions Jamal told me that is in a relationship for three years. Celebrity also admitted that boyfriend hard with her. According to the singer, she’s too fragile and sensitive, and also tend to survive long on a particular occasion. In addition, Jamal reported that he’s great with her lover and shares with him all the events of life. In her spare time she likes to walk and watch a movie together with your partner.

      This fall Jamal and Bekir first appeared together in public, it happened on the short film festival held in Kyiv. Then the artist and the man of her choice with pleasure posed for photographers. Jamal told reporters that Bekir several times proposed to her, but the actress felt unprepared for marriage. In her opinion, marriage is a big step. The star also said that she has high requirements to the chosen one.

      Recall that Jamal won the first place at Eurovision in Stockholm, scoring 534 points. At the international competition of the singer made the song “1944”. Russian singer Sergey Lazarev, then became the third, and honorable “silver” went to Australian and Korean actress demi Im. Sergey Lazarev talked about the rematch on “Eurovision”