Джамала стала мамой в первый раз The winner of the international competition “Eurovision 2016” and her husband had a son. The boy came to light Tuesday. Now Jamal is recovering from childbirth. Close artist surrounded her with attention and care.

34-year-old winner of “Eurovision 2016” Jamal gave birth to a child, what she said on social networks. The son of the singer and her husband seit-Bekir Suleymanova was born on March 27. We already know his name – Amir-Rahman seit-Bekir. “Our little Prince. My best song” – shared the singer in the microblog.

Fans congratulate Jamal with a long-awaited addition to the family. “Happiness”, “good health”, “Emir is a very beautiful name,” – shared the singer’s followers. Just over an hour from the moment of publishing the post artist has garnered over a thousand comments.

Throughout the waiting period, the child Jamal has continued to work. The celebrity was a crazy schedule and a large number of shots. This year the star again became coach of the Ukrainian version of the vocal show “the Voice” with Potapov, Sergey Babkin and Tina Karol. Jamal said that she was going to “national” team. The star of the highly celebrated performance his players are ready to work on a 24 hours a day.

During the last month of pregnancy, the actress constantly carried with him a suitcase with baby clothes. Singer believed that the completion in her family may occur at any time. According to Jamala, she was born seven months premature. The mother of the singer went into labor during exams. At that time, the parent star was very upset by it, so Jamal thought that her baby comes early.

The husband of the actress helped her prepare for baby’s arrival. Jamal told me that seit-Bekir Suleymanov stroked the baby stuff that gave them family and friends, as well as choosing a stroller. According to star, her husband has good taste, and he understands the technical details better than her. The actress admitted that very happy and can’t wait for the baby.

In the nearest plans of the singer – a new album release and tour. Jamal intends to please fans of the fall. When that happens, the artist did not specify. According to star, a lot depends on its condition. It is known that Jamal is perfectionism, so meticulously applies to every song. The singer considers that it is necessary to maintain a high level to remain relevant in the scene.

That Jamal and her husband are preparing for the completion of the family became known in November last year. “Of course, I would like to keep it a secret and share with only the closest, but many already guessed. This is the greatest miracle in the world!” – shared then the singer in social networks.