Джейк Джилленхол пытается вернуть Дакоту Джонсон

Jake Gyllenhaal wants to return his ex-lover — star of the franchise, “Fifty shades of grey” Dakota Johnson. Take advantage of the chance the actor intends in the near future. On the hand he just played that recently Dakota finished his relationship with musician Matthew Chittum.

Of course, thanks to common friends with Gyllenhaal Johnson has been learned about the plans of a former lover, but treat it with extreme caution.

“Despite the fact that their relationship can be called rather affair than some full-fledged novel, Dakota was really in love with Jake. She had strong feelings for him and couldn’t believe that he dumped her without telling the reason, ” said the informant to the British magazine Heat. – She was in shock. As far as is now known, then Gyllenhaal was just afraid of the obligations that appear with a serious relationship.”

“Between them was really a lot of chemistry, because now Jake will try to make all that will depend on him to return Dakota,” added a friend of the actor.

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