Jake Gyllenhaal said about filming in the new film “Stronger”, “Donnie Darko” and “Brokeback mountain”

Джейк Джилленхол рассказал про съемки в новой ленте «Сильнее», «Донни Дарко» и «Горбатая гора»

At the London film festival has been Jake Gyllenhaal, and gladly talked with the audience. He spoke about his role models and shooting legendary bands. As the journalist edition of Hello! recorded interesting moments with the story of Gyllenhaal about his new film “Stronger”, where the actor plays who lost his legs Jeff Bauman.

Джейк Джилленхол рассказал про съемки в новой ленте «Сильнее», «Донни Дарко» и «Горбатая гора»

Very soon viewers will be able to see a new picture of “Stronger” by David Gordon green. Gyllenhaal confessed how hard it was to play a character like Jeff Bauman, who lost his legs after a terrorist attack. “Of course, it is difficult to play a real character. Especially when it’s right before your eyes. I doubt if I can adequately portray a person like Jeff Bauman. At the first meeting with him, his wife and the Director of the film I almost went directly from the restaurant: I felt that near me a real hero and I just a fake.” recalls the actor. Bauman saw that Jake’s too nervous and was able to find a common language with the artist.

“As a child I adored Danny Kaye. I liked his charisma, his musicality. I think the music of many of his films forever inscribed in my DNA. And there in the depths of my memory is the movie “point break” with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. I love it!” the actor says about his idol.

Джейк Джилленхол рассказал про съемки в новой ленте «Сильнее», «Донни Дарко» и «Горбатая гора»

A role model for many and has become the after Gyllenhaal role in Donnie Darko, which soon became a cult. “I got into this project almost as a last point: I don’t know why the Director Richard Kelly chose me. We shot this movie in just 28 days, if I remember correctly. It came out in the States, and almost nobody noticed. And then I was in London, where he played in the show in the West end, and I had to do a little promo for the British premiere of “Donnie Darko”.

Jake also starred in the cult film “Brokeback mountain,” about the casting in which he told the audience. “Sample this film was very strange: my conversation with casting Director was in a dark room, and the Director, ang Lee was sitting almost 15 feet away from me and almost never said anything. Two weeks later I called and said I was approved. After I realized that eng or just very talkative people. Once at a rehearsal with Anne Hathaway, who played my wife, he said, “You societetes just like oil and water”. I then came home and wrote this phrase on the paper 40 times, thinking maybe at least this will help me understand what the hell he had in mind.”

His partner was actor Heath Ledger, who became his friend. They together auditioned for a role in the film Moulin Rouge. “Immediately after the release of “Brokeback mountain”, which has successfully passed the box office, Heath called me one evening and said, “can you Imagine Baz Luhrmann just offered me a role in his new movie! And you know what I did? I told him no — I will avenge us both!” I think this very clearly shows what kind of person was Heath Ledger”.