Jake Gyllenhaal reincarnated robber-loser

Джейк Джилленхол перевоплотится грабителя-неудачника

The star of “Source code” Jake Gyllenhaal embodies his dream into reality. The actor, through his production company Nine Stories filmed real story about the robbery, which occurred in 2009.

Western media reported that Jake will be the producer of the movie called “the Heist with the helicopter” (The Helicopter Heist). In addition, Gyllenhaal starred.

Who will be the author of the script, are not yet clear. We only know that it will be written on the basis of a not yet published book of Jonas Bonnier.

The film will be discussed on a real case of crime in Stockholm in 2009.

A gang of robbers used a Jet Ranger helicopter to land and to land on the roof of the vault cash and steal more than $ 5 million. The crime was not for the robbers completed successfully. All seven performers in total were detained by the police.

We will remind, this year with the participation of Gyllenhaal, was released Thriller “Under cover of night”where the actor starred in the company Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher andarmie hammer.

In the Thriller we are talking about a divorced couple who still dot the I in their relationship.

At Susan’s luxurious life in Los Angeles, a wonderful husband and a private gallery. But one day she receives an unexpected package from a former spouse — he would like to meet, but first he asks to read his new novel. Susan suspects that as soon as she opens the manuscript, it will come back in the past, which is thought to be securely sheltered under the cover of night.