Jake Gyllenhaal has announced that finally marries

Джейк Джилленхол объявил, что наконец-то женится
The actor has decided to please their loved ones.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Photo: NBC Universal

Jake Gyllenhaal has admitted that there is always so much was shot that he had absolutely not enough time on the device personal life. This fact seriously attend to the loved ones of the actor — because in November he had turned 36 years, it’s time to think about starting a family.

“I was in love with life three times. There is, perhaps, still, two, recalls Jake. Even my father began to worry and said, “Jake, don’t forget to still have fun.” I laughed: “Really? That is now possible? I worked hard enough, do you think?” And he seriously answered: “Yes. Why don’t you change course and not to shift gears at least for a while?” So not only journalists care about my personal life and love relationships”.

The longest novel I was Gyllenhaal Kirsten dunst Jake also met with actress Reese Witherspoon, singer Taylor swift and model Alyssa Miller, but no one else no relationship came to the wedding. Until it is not interfered with the mother.

“You know, I’m still not married for one reason: he was too busy. But don’t worry, now I want to marry, and soon, said Jake Gyllenhaal. — Because I made a solid promise to my mother, who is already tired of me asking about it. No, seriously, I really want to be a father and head of the family. Children, in my opinion, the most amazing, the best that happens in the world. Children that’s worth living for. I really think so. So long my wedding will not have to wait”.

The full interview with the actor here.