Jaden and willow Smitty no longer live with their parents

Джейден и Уиллоу Смитты больше не живут с родителями

Children will and Judd smilow of Jaden and willow grew up and left home. In an interview with Haute Living told their mother.
45-year-old jada reported that eighteen-year-old Jaden and his sixteen year old sister felt old enough to live separately from their parents. Each of them is very busy with his own projects, but about parents they don’t forget.

Джейден и Уиллоу Смитты больше не живут с родителями
“It’s so unusual. From there, and at the same time, they are always around. I don’t even have time to miss them. Willow calls me several times a day, and even Jaden, when not removed, often calls us or comes to see me and will,” told jada.
Jaden is currently filming in Toronto, Canada, where starred in the film “Life in a Year”, willow also focused on a music career and promoting his own brand in the fashion world. In addition, a brother and sister are officials well — known brands- Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Recall that jada and will believe that secondary school does not develop no mind, no creativity, and even Vice versa. They are committed to individual Buchan, and their children – a beautiful result of their work in this direction. Creative and independent precocious teenagers already know what they want from life, and at the same time they will always remember who gave them a boost.
“My parents are the best role models for me, they have always been my role model and inspiration” — said once in an interview with Jayden.
“What my parents did for me, not for the financial side. It is neither money nor fame nor success is something intimate and spiritual, that only few can feel and do,” said willow.