Джада Пинкетт-Смит снялась для обложки журнала с мамой и дочерью

The public continues to wonder at the achievements of three generations of Pincetto and the Smiths. Jada Pinkett-Smith posed for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar with her daughter willow and mother Adrienne, and also spoke about his family show!

Джада Пинкетт-Смит снялась для обложки журнала с мамой и дочерью

Behind the scenes star of life has always attracted the public. For example, the Kardashian family has long been breaking records thanks to his reality show “the Family Kardashian”. But the Smiths decided to go in a more clever way, without fully opening the curtain of his personal life. Show Red Table Talk was launched on the Facebook platform in may of this year. In the first episode the family gathers in his living room and talk to such important topics as love, sex, health, crisis, self-esteem, relations with the world, and many other problems.

The show gained huge support, and the first series has garnered 29 million views on Facebook, and that’s just on the official page! In the first season was 10 episodes, 13 more shows this winter.

Peculiarity of the Smith family is a frankness and openness. For example, jada absolutely quietly shared his feelings about the crisis 40 years and the problems with the famous husband. Willow is not afraid to talk about teenage problems, and Adrienne and all shared how it has overcome drug addiction! In 60 years the oldest female generation has launched the public career and showed everybody how to stay healthy. Adrian first appeared on the cover of the famous gloss.

In my show to invite the family is not going to. “This show is more like a continuation of our private conversations when we are alone with each other.”

But will Smith is not far behind the female half! September 25 will Smith turned 50 years old. Anniversary actor has decided to celebrate in the family circle, but not for a quiet dinner in the restaurant or at home. Will have decided to overcome one of their fears and jumped into the abyss of the Grand Canyon.

To support the Smith came, the whole family — wife jada Pinkett Smith, daughter willow and son Trey and Jaden. “Jumping, I traveled from absolute terror to sheer delight,” he shared later impressions of the actor. — “The Grand Canyon is now mine.”

Will Smith was preparing to jump in advance and warned the fans about what’s going to do. All events were broadcast on the YouTube channel of the actor. And now you can watch the full stream on YouTube.

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