J. Lo criticized her figure in the broadcast of the TV show

Джей Ло раскритиковала свою фигуру в эфире телешоу

It turns out that the star considers himself to be chunky!

Who would have thought! Jennifer Lopez has a claim to his own shape. About this star told on air show.

Джей Ло раскритиковала свою фигуру в эфире телешоу
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Woman, role models to millions of fans around the world, admitted that she considers her figure stocky.

During the broadcast The View on the screen brought personal pictures of stars from her Instagram, at this point, Lopez suddenly attacked the figure and called herself chunky.

However, the leading show Whoopi Goldberg confused the comment of the stars, and she pulled off her sweater with the words “so that means chunky!” in response, Jennifer.

“Okay, I’m not chunky, but I like this feel,” said Lopez, laughing.

However, we know that Jennifer is disingenuous: the actress is considered one of the most sporting of Hollywood stars.

Star constantly trains, eats right, and even created a project for the fans, which shares accumulated rich experience in creating the ideal shape.

#BeTheGirl Challenge – 10 week program under the guidance of J. Lo. It includes healthy food recipes, workout plans, tips, and, of course, the motivation from the Lopez. Now everyone will be able to achieve the same elastic and beautiful ass, as does Jen.

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