J. J. Abrams returns to the space theme

Джей Джей Абрамс возвращается к космической теме

JJ Abrams is truly unique to Hollywood filmmakers. The directorial debut feature Abrams was the movie “Mission impossible 3”, which is liked by millions of viewers and even managed to collect a good cashier. Then the Creator, who had previously worked primarily as a producer, writer or serial Director started the shooting of “Star trek” and again hit the target.

The eleventh full-length science fiction film, which was presented to the audience in 2009, has won four nominations for “Oscar”. However, the achievements JJ in space-related subjects is not limited.

In 2013, the screens out “StarTrek: Retribution,” which brought its creators the counter almost half a billion dollars.

Now Abrams is trying to repeat this success. Today it became known that he returned to the world series and is going to shoot the TV show “the Bright light” (Glare) for HBO.

In the series, you will learn about the attempts of humanity to colonize a certain planet. Other details of the project so far kept secret.

The scenario develops, Javier Gullon (“Out of darkness”). Along with JJ Abrams and Ben Stephenson (“Mr. and Mrs. bridge”), he also acts as producer.

Premiere date has not yet been called.