«Иванушки International» не испугались шторма
The participants of the famous group celebrated a friend’s birthday.

«Иванушки International» не испугались шторма

Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova with the birthday boy

In Moscow restaurant Bar took place Duran
a Grand party on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of co-owner Ilya Asterova.

Despite the stormy weather, on the veranda of the restaurant gathered
the closest friends of the birthday boy. Knowing the love of Elijah to social networks
organizers of the party printed out its page on Facebook, where the guests were able
leave your wishes in the literal sense of “on the wall”. And also to be photographed
vintage Polaroid, because theme parties have become the canonical party in the us
colleges. Guests were offered the traditional red cups and snacks.

It is hard to imagine a birthday without gifts: the
the original can be called a star from the cones, and the most graceful bracelet with black
diamonds from Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova. Surprise for the birthday boy was
the Mexican pinata, which had to be broken with what Ilya has successfully coped.

Ivanushka International

Closer to the night from the veranda the guests moved to the hall because
appeared on the stage of “Ivan” and certainly not to sing “Clouds” in this cloudy day was
impossible. And by “poplar fluff” and “Doll” were dancing the whole room.

To congratulate the birthday came Regina von Flemming, Eugene Linovich, Igor Matvienko, Paul Pichugin, Alexander Berdnikov.

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