Ivanteevskaya arrow could cause conflict with loved ones

Ивантеевского стрелка мог спровоцировать конфликт с близкими людьми Resonant event discussed in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. In the Studio appeared students of the institution, where the day before there was an emergency, as well as their loved ones. None of them expected that a teenager is capable of the crime.
Ивантеевского стрелка мог спровоцировать конфликт с близкими людьми

On Tuesday, September 5, in the suburban school there was an emergency. Ninth-grader Michael pivnev attacked the teacher and peers. During class, the teenager threw smoke bombs. Michael also hit the teacher with a kitchen cleaver in the head and shot her in the face of airguns. Trying to escape, the classmates, the boy began to jump out of Windows. Pivneva was charged with hooliganism and attempted murder, was also a criminal case under article “Negligence”. Wednesday, September 6, the high-profile event dedicated to the “program Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

Nobody expected that a teenager is capable of the crime. Friends of the teenager knew about his fascination with weapons, but did not think that Michael will be able to shoot a teacher. “Of course, we were scared. We are in shock,” said Daria Russ, the mother of Yaroslav the students and Yegor Pustorzhevsky. Teacher of mathematics and computer science Lyudmila Kalmykova, was hospitalized with serious head injuries, told about the incident to reporters.

“It was after the bell. He shouted something: “I waited three years.” But he doesn’t know me so long, so I can’t tell you. I knocked on the head and shot in the face… with a butcher knife for cutting meat”, – said the teacher.
Ивантеевского стрелка мог спровоцировать конфликт с близкими людьми

Dasha Chumakova, which was presented as the first love Misha Pivneva also appeared in the Studio. According to the girl, they met in the early summer.

Ивантеевского стрелка мог спровоцировать конфликт с близкими людьми“We just walked on the set he came up and said, “I’m Mike”. Struck up a conversation, we started talking. He did not seem to me strange, on the contrary, communicative, good guy. He was fond of weapons, he liked, like all boys. I was not scared, different people are. I didn’t expect that he is capable of” – said Dasha.
Ивантеевского стрелка мог спровоцировать конфликт с близкими людьми

According to Chumakova, pivnev often went into the woods, set goals and shoot at them. It was a hobby of the student. The girl also denied the words of one of the participants of the programme that Michael travelled around the city with weapons.

Before the events of that fateful day Michael called Dasha and shared their plans.

Ивантеевского стрелка мог спровоцировать конфликт с близкими людьми“I was with my friends near the school, he called and said, “Remember the 11th number?” He was going to do it again on the 11th, and since then, the school will not be elementary school students, and said that he decided to go today. He loved me and said goodbye. (…) I didn’t take him seriously. In early summer he said he wanted to avenge his friends who ridicule him,” said Chumakova.

Dasha said that the sister of Michael reported his intentions to the Director. “She said, “Yes, we talk about this.” In the end, we realized that any conversation was not. A lot of people knew (about the plans Pivneva – Approx.) friends tried to dissuade him, including myself. We said, “Wait, don’t go there,” said the girl. Chumakov sure that the guards paid no attention to the strange behavior of the guy.

“The teachers saved our children, and no security,” said one of the mothers of students.
Ивантеевского стрелка мог спровоцировать конфликт с близкими людьми

A friend staged an attack teenager believes that Michael was planning to take revenge on the peers. “He was unpleasant, he always had some kind of resentment inside. It seems to me that the teacher tried to stop him, and he just automatically somehow… Maybe he had a reaction of some sort worked. It hurt without Foundation and for no reason. Just like, I don’t know, something animal, to show strength,” – says Dasha.

Students from Ivanteevka reported details of the massacre of the arrow with offenders

The girl was not familiar with the parents of each. “He said he wanted revenge and to commit suicide. In the history of the school, “Columbine”, she added. According to Dasha, the teacher became the victim. Presenter Andrey Malakhov asked Chumakovo to remember how she spent time with a friend.

“We talked and had fun. He wasn’t always honest, he was afraid to say something. He was a little closed in itself. Said that dad does not have very good relations. Dad also somehow not very nice to him, maybe because of the clothing style, maybe because of isolation,” – shared the girl.

The word Dasha Chumakova Anastasia Leigh confirmed. “He hated his father. He told me that his father often ridicule him, and they quarrel,” she said.

In the Studio of the talk show also revealed a phone conversation with sister Michael. “He did it because he had accumulated in three years. His classmates and mine too, it hurt in every way, he got annoyed,” said a relative of the teenager.

Discussion of state of emergency in Sochi, it was very emotional. At some point, Dasha could not resist the passions, and cried. The girl confirmed that Michael kept a diary, but the fate of her is unknown. “He talked about him, but he burned it down, as far as I know. He wrote there some of his thoughts,” said the girl.

According to some unconfirmed reports, the 9th grader had a partner, but friends Michael shared that do not have any information about his identity. “He said he has some friend that he wanted to go, but I don’t know about it,” said Dasha.