Ivanka trump spoke about the “depravity” in the White house

Иванка Трамп рассказала о «порочности» в Белом доме

The illusion of the daughter of the current President Donald trump Ivanka about the sincerity of the people in Washington was shaken, she had only to cross the threshold of the White House. Yesterday, Ivanka became the guest of the program “Fox News’ Fox & Friends,” in the air which told that he did not expect this level of “depravity” with which she had to face in the temporary residence.

The eldest daughter of Republican who temporarily played the role of a first lady (we have already reported that on the eve of Melania, wife of Donald finally moved to her husband in Washington), was outraged by the dishonesty of people. In particular, Ivanka was unpleasantly surprised by the recent hearing of the speech of the ex-head of intelligence before the US Senate Committee in which he accused her father of election fraud and possible links of members of the electoral headquarters of the trump with Russia..
“My father is honest and feels optimistic. In the end, American citizens made their choice, elected Donald trump President,” — said Ivanka.
The woman admits that she is difficult to adapt to life in the Capitol.
“There was a high level of depravity, I wasn’t expecting it. After moving to the White house, I did not feed special illusions and knew it would be difficult, but didn’t think so. My father and his administration are going to change everything,” said Ivanka.