Иванка Трамп теряет деловую хватку Western journalists claim that the businesswoman decided to move away from his primary occupation. According to media reports, Ivanka trump intends to engage in the arrangement of a family nest in Washington. A young woman is going to support beloved wife, appointed senior adviser to the White house.

      The Western media discuss the 35-year-old Ivanka trump, daughter of the 45th President of the United States. According to the journalists, the young woman decided to retire and focus on his personal life. It is argued that Ivanka is very seriously: for the sake of her husband and children she said goodbye to a career in the White house. The faithful companion of his father, proved their loyalty during the election campaign, refused a position in his administration, selling shares at the Trump International Hotel and comes from the Directors of the family company. But that’s not all. The heiress recently elected head of America also intends to withdraw from the leadership position of their own fashion brand.

      Actions Ivanka, which are written by reporters, has caused confusion among many fans of charming blondes, they say, is a successful businesswoman loses business acumen? Fans of the daughter of trump can’t believe what a clever, beautiful decided to start furnishing the family nest and raising three children. The tabloids, too, are confused: in what business lady Ivanka will be exemplary and all obeying the husband of a housewife, hard to believe. However, who knows: perhaps the young woman will not sit idly by and adopt a new case, and then just a few.

      By the way, according to Western publications, the husband of Ivanka trump Jared Kushner will become a senior Advisor to the White house. Journalists report that the son of a President of America will be engaged in the Middle East, and commercial transactions. CNBC reports that Kushner decided to abandon wages for time work in administration of the tramp.

      Note that Ivanka trump is one of the most well-known business lady of America. Blond daughter of the new President of the United States has long been a model, and then decided to go into business. Ivanka started his own company that produces jewelry, apparel and shoes. Donald trump believes the heiress is a born businessman. In addition, the young woman had time to try myself as a writer –a work of beauty, in which she shared the secrets of success in a short time became a bestseller.

      In 2009, Ivanka married investor Jared Kushner. The couple has three children – five-year-old Arabella rose, three-year-old Joseph Frederick and baby Theodore James, who not even a year old.