Иванка Трамп и ее муж уходят с поста советчиков президента

In the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump continuing change. Yesterday, the network appeared the news about the resignation of Director of communications in the White house hope Hicks, as it became known today about the new changes. As reported by the Western media, Donald trump wants to fire his daughter Ivanka trump and her husband Jared Kushner with the positions of his advisors. The US President has appealed for help to the chief of staff to John Kelly that helped him to remove the daughter and son-in-law from working in the White house.

Иванка Трамп и ее муж уходят с поста советчиков президента

The reason for this decision could be differences trump and Kushner regarding various legal matters and business relations. This week Jared Kushner are deprived of access to classified information, and now is in favor of the father and got myself Ivanka. As reported by insiders, the President has lost confidence in both of them. However, in order to slightly smooth the conflict, trump talked with my daughter and her husband and even asked them to stay in the White house, but said they should not be working there.

We will remind that 29-year-old hope Hicks last summer was promoted to Director of communications in the White house, and now goes with this post. The daughter of the President of the United States Ivanka trump are unable to refrain from comment, because the former Director was in a good and almost friendly relations. Caring girl from the post distressed her.

“Hope Hicks is loved and admired by all who know her. With a heavy heart, yet with great gratitude I wish her success in her career,” wrote trump on Twitter.

Иванка Трамп и ее муж уходят с поста советчиков президента
Commented on the departure of Hicks and counselor Donald trump, Kelliann Conway, as well as the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “No one can replace hope. She is one of the most talented and skilled girls I ever knew,” wrote Sanders.

The very same hope Hicks did not leave quietly and thanked the President, with whom he worked hand in hand, and all the members of his administration for the joint work: “I don’t Have enough words to Express my appreciation to President Trump. I wish him and his team all the best,” she said.

As told to the insider, the reason for leaving the hope with the position of Director of communications was the desire to go forward. Perhaps this close relationship with Donald trump influenced such an important decision, because she was even considered the “unofficial” President’s daughter.

“She was very loyal to him for several years. But lately she felt heavy, and she just needed some changes,” — he said and added that her decision to leave was a real shock for many, as hope, in particular, led the social network on behalf of trump and publish meaningful posts in his Twitter.

The President of the United States, commenting on the resignation of his assistant, said her desire to grow and develop, “hope has done a great job over the last three years. I’m going to miss her. But when she came up to me and said that he wants to enjoy his development, I understand her. I am sure that in the future we will work together,” he said.