Ivan Zhidkova happened on the way to the Registrar

У Ивана Жидкова произошло ЧП по дороге в ЗАГС
An actor prepares to marry the mother of your newborn son.

Ivan Zhidkov with the bride Lily, and son Stepan

Photo: @Instagram ivancarevich1 Ivan Zhidkova

Ivan Zhidkov still marry Lilia Solovieva, October 18, gave him a son. After Zhidkova in the family happened replenishment, fans wondered: if I take now an actor in wife his lover? As it became known, Ivan decided on a major change in life. It’s Friday morning, the young parents began with a trip to the registry office.

Interestingly, on the way there from Zhidkova happened a little trouble. It turned out that the chosen and Lily baby stroller does not fit in the car. Small car Ivan was not the best choice for family. And as to leave little Stepan home was not with anyone, then the couple reached the destination by private transport.

“We have a slight emergency! Despite a fairly large trunk, the stroller does not fit! So in the registry office we went light! Experts in economic Affairs, please refrain from comments like, than I thought when took the coupe? We will solve the issue!” — laugh at the situation Ivan.

We will remind that earlier the liquid was already married to Tatiana Arntgolts. The couple divorced in 2013, shortly before their daughter Mary was four years old. Recently, a girl, by the way, she met her newborn brother. The last time Ivan became more often and to communicate more with Masha: she even began to accompany his father and his bride on social events. But Tatyana my personal life after divorce hiding from fans.