Ivan Zhidkov staged dances in the bath with my daughter and my girlfriend

Иван Жидков устроил жаркие танцы в бане с дочкой и любимой девушкой Trinity had a good time at the country club. Darling Ivan Zhidkova great with the seven year old Mary. The actor, his beloved Lilia Solovieva, and one daughter from the marriage with Tatiana Arntgolts perfectly spend time together.

      Star pair Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan Zhidkov two years ago divorced. After parting with the wife of a famous actor, has established a private life – he has several months to live with the model Lily Solovieva. Plus, the liquid does everything to make his only and beloved daughter Mary did not feel deprived of attention and love of the father. The actor dedicates a lot of time seven-year-old heiress, and not so long ago he introduced Mary to his beloved Lily. Two favorite girl Ivan Zhidkova, apparently, managed to get along perfectly, and now the whole company is having a great time together.

      This is clearly evident in the video that Ivan Zhidkov on the eve has published in the microblog. The trio rested in one of the suburban country clubs, plus the other joys of life, relaxed in the bath. Ivan, Lily, and Maria was so inspired by each other’s company, that decided to perform the dance with elements of Oriental style.

      “Simple bath… Bathers, massage. We live well”, – commented on the video Ivan Zhidkov.

      Turned the dancers are all very sincere, fun and exciting, delighted and said viewed a video the subscribers page Zhidkova in Instagram. “Handsome! S legkim parom!”, “The mood now is super amused!”, “Vanya, I heartedly thank you for this positive video”, “Inimitable!”, “Class”, “Great! Envy” – share their emotions derived from the joyful dances of Ivan Zhidkova and company, fans of the actor.

      It is worth noting that Ivan Zhidkov has a reputation as a very caring and touching father. He takes part in all important events in the life of Masha. Together with his ex-wife Tatiana Arntgolts he congratulated the daughter on graduation in kindergarten, and the first of September, Masha spent in first class. Ivan Zhidkov spoke about reuniting with Arntgolts

      The actor believes child a gift for life, and he wants a daughter to spoil, allowing sometimes to eat the forbidden sweet or gum. However, Mary is a little afraid of dad.

      “She knows that, despite my softness, flexibility and good communication skills, I in case of need can be tough. And Mary feels that there is a boundary, when the Pope may be the last”, – told Ivan about the relationship with my daughter.