Ivan Zhidkov spoke for the first time about relationship with a student

Иван Жидков впервые заговорил об отношениях со студенткой After the divorce with Tatiana Arntgolts actor is not going to put a stamp in the passport. Ivan Zhidkov explained to his girlfriend that he doesn’t sees himself as a husband and father. The star of the show prefers to be a self-sufficient man.

      Иван Жидков впервые заговорил об отношениях со студенткой

      After the divorce with Tatiana Arntgolts, Ivan Zhidkov were attributed to relationships with many colleagues on the set. However, the 32-year-old actor for a long time said that his heart belongs to only one person – six-year-old daughter Masha, who was born in the marriage with Arntgolts. The stars divorced in 2014, but only a few months ago Zhidkov met a new love.

      Ex-husband of Tatiana Arntgolts had an affair with a student

      Darling Ivan was a young student who is in search of himself. Lily met the actor through a social network Periscope and started talking, despite the star status of the man. The girl was not scared and that Zhidkov, having had a failed marriage, no longer wants to put in the passport stamp.

      “We have an honest relationship: Lily knows that I don’t see myself in a registry office, with diapers and so on. I see myself self-sufficient, free person, which can be in a relationship with a woman and take responsibility for them – this is another format. Marriage is a stamp, and the stamp is a stiff formality which, in addition to headache, nothing gives,” says the actor.

      Recall, Zhidkova sweetheart for 23 years. In recognition of the actor, he first builds a relationship with a girl who’s several years younger than him. Lily is a student of the International ecological-politological University. New passion of the actor not only manages to learn. In parallel, she moonlights as a master in the tattoo parlor, which opened along with her mother.

      Ivan is impressed by the fact that the sight of Lily is an example of a business woman in her maternal line. “All equal: women earn equally with men. So when people start each other to get used to it or they have outlined the complexity, they think: “why to fight it? Better to leave and find the others,” shares Zhidkov in an interview with the magazine “OK!”.

      By the way, ex-wife of the actor has to maintain good relations. The divorce Arntgolts and Zhidkov pass without scandals. And now together they are raising a daughter together. “We have something to share, but we agreed on everything, – told the “StarHit” Ivan. Our apartment was left Tanya, she lives there with her daughter Masha. The apartment where I live near, so daughter and I see each other every week. She remains with me, if Tanya on the set.

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