Ivan Zhidkov spoke about his feelings for Tatiana Arntgolts

Иван Жидков рассказал об истинных чувствах к Татьяне Арнтгольц Actor fight with his common law wife and ex. Ivan Zhidkov admitted that constantly arguing with his fiancee, the mother of his four month old son, and admitted sympathy for the actress Tatyana Arntgolts, whom he divorced nearly five years ago.

Actor Ivan Zhidkov for the second year, lives with Lilia Solovieva. The young people met on the Internet. He saw a girl’s picture and wrote to her, she not knowing that Ivan is an actor, said. As now I remember the parents of a four-month baby, they began to live together spontaneously. Their son Stepan was born on 18 October last year.

For the 25-year-old Lily this child was the first, and Ivan already has a daughter from his marriage with actress Tatyana Arntgolts. Maria Zhidkova will soon turn 9 years old.

The Arntgolts and Zhidkov was divorced in 2013, but they managed to keep a good relationship for your daughter. Mary often interacts with the new darling of the father, and from time to time, nursing a half-brother.

Tatyana Arntgolts: “Friends with her ex-husband for your daughter”

Here and Ivan recently spoke about his relationship with his ex-wife. It turned out that the liquid still loves Arntgolts, however, is, as he put it, “as a man.”

“I said to Tanya respectful and love her as a person. She’s no stranger to me. I am grateful to her for what we together gave birth to Mary, and wonderful moments of our life together, but Tanya is very different,” said Ivan Zhidkov.

In addition, the actor stressed that with the current choice they have is not the easiest relationship. Young people often swear much, so Ivan is not sure that they will be together until the end of life.

“Tanya we are not very well combined. This does not mean that with Lily fit fine and be happy all my life, no one knows. We sometimes swear like that! Two days ago had quarreled, thought, everything goes to hell. Our emotion plus the tension in which can I be due to work, gives such energy that the strife of Italians – baby talk”, – frankly said the actor.

Emotional Liliya Solovyeva, by his own admission, is now experiencing postpartum depression. She wrote this great post at Instagram, openly saying that in a relationship Ivan they have a big problem. Zhidkov, after reading this, was dissatisfied with the beloved, so she removed the post text. “Of course, I’m still “stuck piston”, because I’m an artist, and read my friends and not friends, and, worse, the press. We had words, and Lily wrote that we have almost a relationship crumbles. Although three hours before it was full idyll” – said the artist Womanhit.ru.