Ivan Zhidkov showed adult daughter Tatyana Arntgolts

Иван Жидков показал взрослую дочь Татьяны Арнтгольц
7-year-old Tanya grows copy of her mother.

Иван Жидков показал взрослую дочь Татьяны Арнтгольц

Daughter of Ivan Jidkova and Tatiana Arntgolts Masha

Photo: Instagram

Ivan Zhidkov, who in the mid autumn to become a father
the second time, for the first time shared a photo of his daughter Masha —
she was born in his marriage with popular actress Tatyana Arntgolts.

“How time flies, what’s an adult now,” says
Ivan, looking at the girl, soon to be second grade. Subscribers
microblog artist noticed that Mary is growing remarkably similar to his
a beautiful mom!

Soon my daughter Zhidkova will have a brother or sister:
the civil wife of actor Lilia Solovieva expecting a baby. When fans
I guessed that she was pregnant, the happy couple did not remain silent, and
decided, on the contrary, continue to emphasize their new status. “How fortunate that
now you do not need to choose the “right” views! — happy Lily and proudly
published another the cute pregnant tummy.

Recall that Solov is on the fifth
month of pregnancy, learned from her. Fans Zhidkova,
after looking more closely at one of the recent photos where Solovyov
posing with the sister and the daughter of John, suggested that Lily’s expecting a child. “Well
once declassified, now I can post pictures without paying attention to
pregnancy, — said the expectant mother. — Time — 26 weeks.”

The relationship of Ivan and Lilies lasted for a year and a half.
The actor repeatedly said how much he cares about his girlfriend and told me that she
gets on well with his daughter. Often, Ivan, Masha and the Lily can be found in
light three, including on children’s arrangements, when the artist sings
the role of, as he calls it, “Sunday dads.”

Tatyana Arntgolts and Ivan Zhidkov

Photo: Instagram