Иван Жидков сообщил о срочной госпитализации
Some time ago a well-known actor Ivan Zhidkov were hospitalized, as reported in his microblog.

Иван Жидков сообщил о срочной госпитализации

Ivan said that he felt awful, he was diagnosed with toxic poisoning. The actor was tormented by high fever, nausea and a terrible headache.

Иван Жидков сообщил о срочной госпитализации

“In General, I admit, I landed hospital with toxic poisoning. Where, how and why, yet I can not understand… but maybe some sort of drug response exactly is. ‘ve got in the house and I think that’s what put? I also like Groundhog day. Dropper and books. Didn’t want to talk about the hospital, well, then I think, okay… I Missed people, I need feedback! The temperatures rose to 40.4, a strange feeling, but not anymore. Now the temperature is almost there, I feel fine, especially the number 11 I play, so rapidly come. This is the first time in my life, I’m so pleased for a long time. In a great mood, and what you wish for”, – said the actor.

Recall that last fall the liquid in the second time became the father, the beloved actor Lilia Solovieva gave him a charming son Stepan.

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