Ivan Zhidkov is not going to forgive the ex-chosen one

Иван Жидков не собирается прощать экс-избранницу
Last fall, the beloved actor Ivan Zhidkova Liliya Solovyova gave him long-awaited son.

Иван Жидков не собирается прощать экс-избранницу

The pair was struck by the harmony in the relationship, so the recent statement of the girl about the breakup with Ivan was shocked users of the Network. So the other day he Zhidkov confirmed this information, having declared that does not intend to forgive ex-lover.

Иван Жидков не собирается прощать экс-избранницу

“A woman who wants to keep the family together, not to lay out these posts, will not aggravate the situation. Probably to bathe in the attention, to make me a goat (all posts not directly, indirectly telling you what I’m bad) is more important than family. I say to you, I did everything I could for the family, first for her then for himself. Lily has no brakes, she doesn’t understand what happened. I’m not going back to it, I don’t have an iron psyche. Son dam all I can. It – no. If you’re a woman with a child, you allowed many, but not all,” protested the artist.

We will remind that Ivan is in close contact with ex-wife Tatyana Arntgolts, and their daughter Mary was even able to make friends with the new darling of the father, Lily.

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