Ivan Zhidkov introduced daughter from his first marriage with a newborn son

Иван Жидков познакомил дочь от первого брака с новорожденным сыном Masha copes with the role of the older sister. Actor Ivan Zhidkov, recently for the second time became a father, introduced their children to each other. Happy family went out for the first walk with the little Stepan.

A few days ago, popular actor Ivan Zhidkov became a second time dad. A son named Stepan actor gave his beloved Lily. And recently, Ivan Zhidkov introduced each other to their children. He introduced my oldest daughter Masha, who was born in Zhidkova marriage with actress Tatyana Arntgolts with her newborn brother.

This weekend Masha is staying at the home of the Pope. And the whole family went for the first walk with a newborn Stepan. Ivan Zhidkov shared in the microblog, where friendly company captured in full force. Masha entrusted with the most responsible role is to roll the stroller, which was sleeping her younger brother. Apparently, the girl is very proud of the fact that adults allow her to mess with a newborn Stepan, and she very seriously his role as the older sister. Ivan Zhidkov became a father again

“Almost, because we’re a team,” he signed the Ivan Zhidkov.

Himself the happy father says nothing about the reaction of his eldest daughter at the baby. But it is obvious that an eight year old girl knew that she has a little brother, and she was prepared to meet him. After all, Mary is a full member of a new family of his dad. Ivan Zhidkov is actively involved in my daughter’s life and carries with it all my free time. Masha is a friend of beloved father, she managed to find approach to the child of his beloved and great with the girl. They often go together: walk around, go to cafes and shopping.

Masha’s mother, Tatyana Arntgolts has been able to maintain friendly relations with Ivan by Jidkova. In an interview with “StarHit” the actress told that breaking off relations, her ex-husband was thinking about his daughter, not about yourself.

“So we shouldn’t have been much effort to leave peacefully. Ivan supported a good relationship, talk on the phone almost every day. Mary is often seen with dad. She realizes that he has another family. We all communicate,” – said Tatiana Arntgolts.