Ivan Zhidkov gave beloved luxury car

Иван Жидков подарил возлюбленной роскошный автомобиль Girlfriend of actor excited about the new “Audi A5”. Friend Ivan Zhidkova Liliya Solovyova boasted the luxury car for three million. The passion of the actor impressed with his act and calls the young man of God.

After parting with his wife, actress Tatyana Arntgolts, Ivan Zhidkov quickly established personal life. A young man anymore he has been living with his new fiancee, model Lily Solovieva.

It is obvious that the actor is serious in relation to sweetheart. Not so long ago, Ivan Zhidkov did Lilia Solovieva luxurious gift in the form of an expensive car. “Audi As 5”, which gave the girl an artist, is considered one of the most beautiful cars in the history of existence of the group, “the Audi”. And the cost of this brand of car as standard is around three million rubles.

Lilia Solovieva, delighted with the act of his men and decided to share the joy of acquiring subscribers microblog.

“I don’t know what to write, not to look like I’m bragging! But I boast”, – she wrote, posting a photo made against the background of a brand new car.

The post Liliya Solovyova supplied by the hashtag “the Prince of God,” alluding to the fact that her lover can do anything. Subscribers model admired a gorgeous gift, noticing that the girl was very lucky with the choice. “Congratulations, Lilechka!”, “You are worthy Lilya, congratulations!”, “Wait! What a beauty! Little blue, it turns out. Almost Indigo. Blue bird”, “Cool! Vanya – well done, car – fire, Lily – lovely”, “Well you’re in luck with this guy!”, “Lilya is, congratulations! Van respect,” – genuinely happy for the couple followers Lilia Solovieva.

It should be noted that about six months ago, Ivan Zhidkov introduced his beloved daughter Masha, and the choice of the actor managed to get along well with the girl. Ivan Zhidkov staged dances in the bath with my daughter and my girlfriend

All three often spend time together. And judging by the photos and videos that Ivan and Lily publish to the microblog, they have been great company. Seven Mary not bored in the company of the Pope and his sweetheart, because adults try to give it the maximum attention.

Ivan Zhidkov has a reputation as a very caring and touching father. He takes part in all important events in the life of Masha. Together with his ex-wife Tatiana Arntgolts he congratulated the daughter on graduation in kindergarten, and the first of September accompanied Mary in first class. The actor believes child a gift for life, and he wants a daughter to spoil.