Иван Жидков стал соседом Татьяны Арнтгольц As the actor said to fans: he’s going to buy a new home and may soon be living next door with his ex-wife, Tatyana Arntgolts. A few days Zhidkov received keys from apartments in the elite quarter “the Heart of the capital”.
Иван Жидков стал соседом Татьяны Арнтгольц

In the recent past, Ivan Zhidkov told the Network: it will soon probably be living next door to ex-wife, Tatyana Arntgolts. Ivan recently received the keys to a new apartment, which was quick to share in his microblog. Apartments celebrities are on floor 84, which offer scenic views of the Moscow river.

The Jews moved into an apartment one: he recently put a fat point in the relationship with his lover, Lilia Solovieva, who bore him a son. While the actor tells us how he’s going through a breakup, it is easier to go head first into domestic problems.

“Hurrah! Was given the keys! Now the repair. It seemed that the building was gone forever. Downright happy,” — said in his microblog star, “Thunder gate”.

But some time ago Ivan is in detail told the fans why he decided to break off relations with Lily. As it turned out, he could no longer stand the complex nature of the mother of his son.

The ex-girlfriend of Ivan Zhidkova: “he said He doesn’t love me!”

“A woman who wants to keep the family together, not to lay out these posts, will not aggravate the situation. Probably to bathe in the attention, to make me a goat (all posts not directly, indirectly telling you what I’m bad) is more important than family. I say to you, I did everything I could for the family, first for her then for himself. Lily has no brakes, she doesn’t understand what happened. I’m not going back to it, I don’t have an iron psyche. Son dam all I can. It — no. If you’re a woman with a child, you allowed many, but not all” — emotionally said Ivan.

Fans of Ivan Zhidkova said: recently, the actor lost a lot of weight. Perhaps all this happened because of the stress associated with a difficult breakup with Lily, however, according to Ivan, he currently tries to limit themselves in food and strenuously goes in for sports, to bring yourself in good physical shape. Sometimes, however, the liquid allows himself to arrange a holiday belly: the actor is not averse to eat tasty pizza.

“Ripped today! But, today is an exception, eat, and tears flow. Pizza “Four cheese”! On the track tomorrow, incinerate!” — promised Zhidkov in his microblog.