Ivan Zhidkov and Tatyana Arntgolts reunited for daughter

Иван Жидков и Татьяна Арнтгольц воссоединились ради дочери Couple came to the prom in kindergarten. Daughter of Ivan Jidkova and Tatiana Arntgolts Masha this year goes to school. Former spouses maintain a friendly relationship for the sake of his sole heiress.

      Иван Жидков и Татьяна Арнтгольц воссоединились ради дочери

      Star pair Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan Zhidkov for almost two years as officially divorced. However, recently published in the microblog photo of the actor made fans doubt that Tatiana and Ivan are not together.

      The picture shows three of them – Tatyana Arntgolts, Ivan Zhidkov, and their six-year-old daughter Mary. On the faces of former spouses smile, and their lovely heiress made a mischievous little grimace, implying that very happy with everything going on. In short, from the side it may seem that this is a family friendly, not former spouses. But the review, which Ivan Zhidkov accompanied this positive picture explains it – the former husband and wife reunited solely for the sake of my daughter Masha, which was the day before a matinee at the kindergarten on the occasion of the release of it. This year in the life of the successor of the acting couple big changes are coming – the girl will go to the first class. “In General, all… Garden in the past. Prom Masha! Ahead of the “Golden school” years! As time slowly goes…10000000 years ago, as if Masha was taken from the hospital… And now she only goes to school”, with a note of sadness and irony told Ivan Zhidkov in the microblog.

      It is worth noting that Ivan Zhidkov has a reputation as a very caring and touching father. After breaking up with his wife Tatiana Arntgolts he did everything to ensure that their daughter Mary didn’t feel deprived of fellowship with him. Ivan Zhidkov is actively involved in the education of girls, sleeps with her most of the spare time. The actor believes daughter the gift of a lifetime, so he tried to indulge her, allowing sometimes forbidden to eat sweets or gum. However, Mary is a little afraid of dad. “She knows that, despite my softness, flexibility and good communication skills, I in case of need can be tough. And Mary feels that there is some point when daddy can garknut”, – told Ivan about the relationship with her daughter.

      Recall that Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan jidkov divorced in 2014. As reported by their common friends, the cause of the rupture was dissatisfaction Actresses with earnings of a husband and private scores. According to Ivan, all came naturally, organically and peacefully, so now the ex-wife can easily communicate with each other. The actor has not yet found its permanent companion, he is busy with self-development and filming of new film projects.

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