Ivan Zhidkov and Tatyana Arntgolts back together

Иван Жидков и Татьяна Арнтгольц снова вместе
The actor has published a photo of a happy family.

Ivan Zhidkov and Tatiana Arntgolts with her daughter Masha

Photo: Instagram

Ivan Zhidkov and Tatyana Arntgolts visited the children’s
the matinee of his daughter Masha. Photo of happy girl hugging
parents, on the page on the social network published a loving dad. Reason
former spouses who met the graduation of the child. Masha graduated from
kindergarten and now getting ready for school.

“In General, all — Zhidkov wrote in the microblog. — In the garden
the past. Masha prom. In front of the Golden school days! How slow is
time. Masha, it seems, were taken from the hospital a million years ago. And only now it
goes to school”.

Subscribers Vani immediately began lamenting what a pity that
broke up such a wonderful couple. However, the fans of the stars
I was glad that, despite the breakup, Tatiana and Ivan continue
to communicate and work together to educate the total child.

“What you lovely! — happy subscribers. — Nice to see
as parents love the girl, to exist without interfering with each other!”

Ivan considers himself a Sunday dad. “This does not mean that I take
Masha only on Sunday — shared with 7days.ru Ivan. — I’m just so
call. Mary lives with her mom, and I can take her to himself for two or three days. In
the result is strict with her daughter to be simply do not have time. It turns out like this
dad-“Lunapark”. Solid entertainment!”

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