Иван Жидков госпитализирован с токсическим отравлением
Became known the details of the status of the former husband of Tatiana Arntgolts.

Ivan Zhidkov

Photo: @Instagram ivancarevich1 Ivan Zhidkova

Ivan Zhidkov told the fans unexpected news. As it turned out, a few days ago he was admitted to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed actor toxic poisoning. Ivan got in touch with friends in social networks after passed the “peak” of the disease, representing a threat to the life of the artist. He spent under droppers a few days, but now its health threatens nothing.

“In General, I confess, I landed in the hospital with toxic poisoning. Where ,how and why yet I can not understand, but perhaps some kind of drug… the answer definitely is. ‘ve got in the house and I think that’s what put? I also like Groundhog day, drippers, and books. Didn’t want to talk about the hospital, well, then I think — okay. Did you miss the people, need feedback! The temperatures rose to 40.4 ,a strange feeling, but not anymore. Now the temperature is almost there, I feel fine,” writes the liquid on his page in social networks.

The next day Ivan is preparing to go on stage: he’s scheduled performance of “Once twice”. The actor is making all efforts to recover for the performance. By the way, he noted that for the first time in my life for a long time “boomed” in the hospital. Fans worried about Zhidkova and wish him a speedy recovery.