Ivan Zhidkov admires maturing daughter

Иван Жидков восхищается взрослеющей дочерью Seven-year Masha called real beauty. The girl was born in the marriage of Ivan Zhidkova, Tatiana Arntgolts. The parents loved the child and try to spend the maximum amount of time.
Иван Жидков восхищается взрослеющей дочерью

Three years ago, famous actors Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan jidkov divorced. However, the former couple managed to maintain a great relationship. They are raising a daughter Mary, who in September will mark eight years. The man has published in the microblog picture of a grown daughter.

“How time flies, what’s an adult now,” wrote the man in the social network.

Fans agreed with the artist that the girl has grown. They wished her happiness in life. “And look already adult girl. But still Mashkin – cub yet, enjoy it while it permits”, “a Very sweet, smart and beautiful girl has grown! May all in the future it will be perfect!” “Wow, what a wonderful naughty girl in the pictures! Took all the best from mom and dad! What a pity that did not happen with Tanya. You are beautiful parents!” – wrote followers.

Last year Mary went to the first class. To keep the girl at a school meeting came Arntgolts and Zhidkov. Both parents felt it necessary to attend this very important in the life of the daughter event.

Иван Жидков восхищается взрослеющей дочерью

Now Ivan Zhidkov has found a new love. Last year he met a girl nine years younger. In recognition of lovers, they moved in together a month after Dating. Lily does not mind the fact that her lover has a daughter – she was able to find a common language with the child. Soon the couple will have a General baby. The girl working at the beauty salon and decided that she must go on maternity leave. Ivan Zhidkov staged dances in the bath with my daughter and my girlfriend

“I feel, I modify their extreme tattoo in days! Small kick so that the hand is shaking, which can lead to curly eyebrows. And anyway, I read an article that pregnant women need a lot of rest and to be forces, because then the time it will not. But women of the 21st century have their ambitions or life situation to work to the extreme of the day (dad scolds, when you write “last”). Of course, depends on the type of work someone is sitting in a comfortable chair and goes through the papers and can work until the moment of birth, and someone like me, for example, revolves around the couch, knocking over the Desk in the belly” – shared thoughts fiancee Zhidkova.