Ivan Zhidkov about parting with the beloved: “I will not return!”

Иван Жидков о расставании с избранницей: «Я к ней не вернусь!» A few days Liliya Solovyova unexpectedly announced that he and Ivan by Jidkova broke up, despite the fact that the couple is growing a baby. Later the actor admitted that he did not intend to forgive the former lover.
Иван Жидков о расставании с избранницей: «Я к ней не вернусь!»

In October last year, Ivan Zhidkova and his lover, Lilia Solovieva, a son. Despite their child, the couple was in no hurry to walk down the aisle. Until recently, Ivan and Lily tried to show the idyll in its relations and assured the public that they are good with each other without a stamp in the passport.

Moreover, Soloviev became friends with the daughter of Ivan from his first marriage with Tatiana Arntgolts Mary. So the news of the break for many sounded like thunder from a clear sky. Darling Ivan Zhidkova said about parting with it

Later, parting with a beloved spoke to Ivan. The man spoke rather sharply about Lily and stressed that he did not intend to return to it.

“A woman who wants to keep the family together, not to lay out these posts, will not aggravate the situation. Probably to bathe in the attention, to make me a goat (all posts not directly, indirectly telling you what I’m bad) is more important than family. I say to you, I did everything I could for the family, first for her then for himself. Lily has no brakes, she doesn’t understand what happened. I’m not going back to it, I don’t have an iron psyche. Son dam all I can. It – no. If you’re a woman with a child, you allowed many, but not all” – apparently, Jidkova really don’t like excessive frankness Solovieva with your subscribers.
Иван Жидков о расставании с избранницей: «Я к ней не вернусь!»

But at first, many netizens believed that the cause of the lovers ‘ quarrels became jealous of Lily in relation to the ex-wife of the man. “Ivan and Tanya was really beautiful couple! And we were too anything to be honest. There are always reasons why something is so and not otherwise! But as the saying goes, everything passes, this too shall pass! I am grateful for the little man, who taught me true love and for Labrador you’ve always dreamed of. Sure save not less than warm relationship with my son, but for now I’ll go and read books about forgiveness, love, gratitude and other things that are not characteristic of hormone – dependent woman,” Soloviev shared experiences with your followers.

At this time, Solovyov tries to look at what is happening with humor and optimism: is reading books about the relations between men and women, sometimes joking on this subject, and recently a young mother asked: “Love lives 3 years, and is, as it turned out, a week (men)! Do not believe him! Only actions define a person as a person! Everything seems to be trite, but every time first time! Or am I so stupid?”

Fans of the pair came to the conclusion that at this time, young parents highly offended with each other, they need to “cool down” and talk in peace.

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