Ivan Yankovsky met a new love

Иван Янковский встретил новую любовь
The actor is caught in a love polygon.

Иван Янковский встретил новую любовь

Ivan Jankowski Kristina Asmus

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Ivan is caught in a love polygon. At first he is torn between his wife (played by Christine Asmus) and mistress (Anna Vorkuev). Wife trying to fight for it, but then on the horizon a new love (Daria Melnikova)… Yermolova Theatre Jankowski suggested that the role of Zilov in “Duck hunting”, and he immediately agreed. “The main character is myself, says the actor. — I was this close, I understand about male responsibility-irresponsibility, when to take your life in your hands is very difficult…”

“Duck hunt” is one of the most famous plays of Alexander
Vampilov, which was written half a century ago. There were even such
the term “Mystery Zilov”. Performance by Yevgeny Marcelli destroys all the usual
the stereotypes of the staging of this play. His ZIL in the performance of Ivan Jankowski – not
disappointed in himself and in life, character, and a young man, full of love,
tenderness and vitality. For the Director relaxation time was proposed
the author of the age of the hero: “Silovu about thirty years.” Ivan Yankovsky — 26…
today, the heir to an acting dynasty — one of the most sought

With Daria Melnikova

Photo: Press service of the theater. M. N. Yermolova