Ivan Yankovsky debut in the theatre of Oleg Menshikov

Иван Янковский дебютирует в театре у Олега Меньшикова
His partners will be Christina AMAS and Daria Melnikova.

Иван Янковский дебютирует в театре у Олега Меньшикова

Ivan Yankovsky


On posters in the capital of the Yermolova theatre will appear
one famous name. The troupe, headed by Oleg Menshikov,
join the winner of the film award “Golden eagle” Ivan Jankowski. Actor
making its debut on the legendary stage show, “Duck hunting” in the role of Zilov.

Yevgeny Marcelli, Kristina Asmus and Ivan Jankowski

Photo: Instagram Christina Asmus

“Duck hunt” is one of the most famous plays of Alexander
Vampilov, which was written half a century ago. There were even such
the term “Mystery Zilov”. Performance by Yevgeny Marcelli destroys all the usual
the stereotypes of the staging of this play. His ZIL in the performance of Ivan Jankowski – not
disappointed in himself and in life, character, and a young man, full of love,
tenderness and vitality. For the Director relaxation time was proposed
the author of the age of the hero: “Silovu about thirty years.” Ivan Yankovsky — 26…
today, the heir to an acting dynasty — one of the most sought

The premiere is scheduled for the second half of September, to
this time Ivan is the time to relax and recharge. In addition to his
his personal life was a pleasant change. Jankowski Jr. reunited
with his former lover Vera Kincheloe, the daughter of the leader of the rock group “Alisa”.
At the moment the lovers rest in Italy.