Иван Ургант корит себя за резкие слова в адрес дочерей Next Monday the presenter will be 40 years old. Apparently, Ivan Urgant is going to celebrate an important date in the company of those closest to you. Reporters learned from the showman about how he raises children and what books I love to read his heiress.

April 16 Ivan Urgant celebrates its anniversary. Showman will be 40 years old. On the eve of important dates, the journalists interviewed the presenter about how he is going to celebrate a birthday, work on the First channel and the relationship with the daughters.

It is known that Urgant considers himself the father of many children. Married to Natalia Kiknadze, the TV stars were born two daughters, Valeria and Nina, and stepdaughter Erica Ivan refers to a native heiress. Journalists asked the TV host if he could call himself a strict dad. Showman admitted that sometimes pulls sharply to children, but then repented.

“Well, as you say… I’m a good dad, but I’m nervous. Sometimes I can something sharp to say and, of course, very yourself for it later. I wish that I have children was the same as in the story of Victor Golyavkin – “My good father”. Everyone should read this beautiful story,” said Ivan in an interview.

Urgant admitted that his humor heiress reacts with interest. Ivan does not think that representatives of different generations need different jokes. Reporters asked the presenter how the girls live with the realization that their dad is famous. “I burn it all at once with a hot iron, they say: don’t! All my children recorded not my name,” he joked showman. He also admitted that his musical tastes do not always coincide with the preferences of daughters.

“We often disagree and argue. They listen, of course, much more music than I do. Although there was a period in my life when I listened to a lot more. But the children now in full… Is a lot of good music, we listen together,” said the TV star.

According to Ivan, his youngest daughter, Valeria adores Peppa pig. In September of this year the girl will be three. Parents learn about the world by the British animated series with her. Therefore, the presenter Willy-nilly immersed in the plot twists and turns with the child. Ivan learned the names of the characters and knows how they look.

“There is daddy pig, mommy pig and of course Peppa and her younger brother George, my pet. George is the only sane person in this whole company, he has a normal name and a chance to grow into something decent. In General, we are now actively following these adventures,” said Urgant.

Nine-year-old Nina, which was named in honor of her grandmother showman, he prefers to read books by JK Rowling. Girl swallows in one gulp the adventures of Harry Potter. Ivan Urgant is not familiar with the writings of the British writer, but watched the film adaptation of her works. “I love them”, – shared the leading with the “TV Program”.