Иван Ургант отметит Новый год без Нагиева
In rolling out the sixth part of the film “Christmas Tree”.

Иван Ургант отметит Новый год без Нагиева

Photo: personastars.com

Ivan Urgant has admitted that all six parts of the Christmas Comedy “Christmas Tree” where he plays businessman Boris, doing dangerous stunts on their own.

“I flatly refused to stunt, every jump and scenes of the fall performed himself, but none of the footage was not included in the final version of the installation”, — said the actor at the premiere of “the new Tree”. Find out if this was just another joke of an actor, failed. But Urgant announced, who will celebrate the holiday: “If the choice is between Nagiyev and wife, you will definitely choose his wife and daughters. So I will celebrate the New year among the fervently loving people”.

Anton Bogdanov, who also played in the new part of the “Trees”, said the gift will make my son, “Damian already seven years old asks for a drum set. It’s not cheap, but I have to try. Especially is where to put it in the basement.”

Ivan and his wife Natalia

Photo: Yury Feklistov