Ivan Urgant went to the bath with a journalist, composer and rapper

Иван Ургант пошел в баню с журналистом, композитором и рэпером In good pre-Christmas tradition of a star of the First channel Ivan Urgant went to the bath to warm up and bring friends – journalist Yuri Dude, a colleague of Alexander Gudkov, rapper Feduk and composer Igor Nikolaev. In order to remove a hilarious parody of the mega hit of this autumn.
Иван Ургант пошел в баню с журналистом, композитором и рэпером

Steam room, men in robes with the inscription Banya. “It’s too hot, I stop breathing, steam with alcohol is better not to interfere, these clouds of purple steam. The redness on the faces of the brightest of sunsets…” – sings in the style of hip-hop by Ivan Urgant. Beside him Alexander Gudkov with branded socks and rapper Feduk. Men drink beer, a vobla on the table. “Where’s Igor?” suddenly interested in Ivan. “He’s still in the steam room,” I say to him. In the steam room with a big mug of foamy Igor Nikolaev. “Igor! Well, you do not drink in the steam room, the pressure squakenet’ll go blind!” – outraged Urgant. “Close the door, don’t ruin the buzz”, to hear, leading to the answer…

Especially for the New year Ivan Urgant and Alexander Gudkov came up and took a parody of the greatest hit this autumn “Pink wine” from the stars of hip-hop, LJ, and Feduk.

Hip-hop hit “Pink wine” blew up the Internet and all the dance floor this autumn. Bit catchy, rhythmic text, and for nearly 53 million views in YouTube. However, cover of this song from the merry Urgant and Gudkov could beat the record source. For two days the video was watched already more than 3 million times. And this number is constantly growing.

In addition to Gudkov, Urganta and Nikolaev the video was filmed and the artist of the original Feduk and journalist Yuri Dude. He got a cameo and a very important role. Igor Nikolaev still became ill in the bath and this is the Dude to trust blow – CPR. During the filming none of the composer was not injured. Coda parody of the video was a chorus performance of other not less popular hit – song of Igor Nikolaev “Raspberry wine”. The composer shared the video and VoiceOver filming with your followers on Instagram. Congratulated everybody and encouraged to raise their glasses.

“Raspberry wine! The Ministry of health recommends that for new year’s table!” – posted by Nikolayev.