Иван Ургант удивил снимком повзрослевшей дочки
The TV host congratulated the 17-year-old Eric happy birthday.

Daughter Of Ivan Urgant — Eric

Photo: @Instagram urgantcom Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant many times in interviews talked about the fact that he believes his wife’s daughter from his first marriage — Eric. He took her as my own and was referred to as the elder daughter. Today she celebrates birthday — she was 17 years old. On the day of personal celebration Erica Urgant showed her rare photos.

Ivan, as stated, the fans, chose her not the best picture. Instead congratulate the daughter of broadcaster members Eric made a few comments about her appearance, which is called the “untidy”. Urgant, not counting on such a reaction, was soon deleted the photo of the birthday girl.

Meanwhile, Erica is living and studying in London, and has recently become the face of the advertising campaign-known sports brand. Daughter of Ivan, by the way, is quite popular in the Network. She has tens of thousands of subscribers who are watching her life and work.

Recall that in the spring of this year, in secular circles, it was rumored that the stars soon will become a father again. Rumors about pregnancy Natalia Kiknadze, wife of popular broadcaster, after its rare publication, where she demonstrated a changed appearance. Figure wife Urganta widened considerably, and prompted by thoughts about the “interesting position” Natalia.