Ivan Urgant took a parody campaign video of Ksenia Sobchak

Иван Ургант снял пародию на предвыборное видео Ксении Собчак

Recently, the network appeared in a campaign video leading Ksenia Sobchak. She confirmed the news that will participate in the presidential elections of 2018. The presenter made a video in which he urged all to vote for her. She positions herself as a “candidate against all”. This news has delighted and angered many fans, and especially stars such as Ivan Urgant. The host made a parody video Sobchak.

Иван Ургант снял пародию на предвыборное видео Ксении Собчак

In a new episode of its show “Evening Urgant” Ivan showed the audience his own parody campaign video of Ksenia Sobchak. “I — Ivan Urgant. I am 36 years old, although really I’m 35 years old, but on the other hand, I am 36. As any resident of the Russian Federation I have the right to run for President, and I decided to exercise this right. One may ask the questions “Why?” “Why?” “When?” “What time?”, “Whose are these pants?”, “Who washed the dog?”… To be honest to the end means to lie the truth, but lie the truth is a means not to be honest in the understanding of honesty. Ignorance of the cases does not mean ignorance of life, ignorance of life does not mean ignorance of knowledge. I urge everyone to vote Stas Pieha. Ivan Urgant — against everyone, but not all!” said Ivan in a parody.

Video portal Youtube Urgant signed his video: “Ksenia Sobchak said that he was going to participate in presidential elections in 2018, and issued its pre-election roller. Ivan Urgant decided not to lag behind and showed a movie for the nomination for President of Russia!”. In the movie Urgant urged to vote for Stas Peha.

But Ivan decided to respond to the video Sobchak, but also a humorist Maxim Galkin has released its opinion. He did it with the help of a short video in his instagram account. It has gained 1 million hits. “Yesterday Ksenia Sobchak to the delight of millions of Russians put forward his candidacy for President of the Russian Federation. She said that the one who is against everything, can vote for it. In itself this is absurd, because if you against all that you are and against her. But it doesn’t matter — the female logic. Need a little to strengthen the team of Xenia. If Ksenia — the President, Ksenia Borodina Prime Minister: the girls can sit right on red square, there is also a place of a skull, they’re used to. The Minister of health — Purulent. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Cords, we still love nowhere and he can send relish in international negotiations… jokes Maxim in the video.