Ivan Urgant showed the eldest daughter

Иван Ургант показал старшую дочь

Personal life Ivan Urgant is hidden from prying eyes. Showman and TV host is always trying to speak less about my family, except my father, the theme of which Ivan often ironically in the air of the program “Evening Urgant”.

Ivan the microblog in Instagram filled with mostly the “working” photos, which depict the aforementioned show, as well as other far from family pictures.

Recently Urgant decided to make an exception and showed his followers the eldest daughter Nina.

The photo girl playing the guitar, walking down the street. “Here birds do not sing, trees do not grow,” commented a photo of Ivan.

Note, less than a month, Nina will be eight years. But the youngest daughter Valeria, named after the mother showman, Ivan is hiding from too much attention.

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