Ivan Urgant ridiculed Kirkorov for plagiarism

Иван Ургант высмеял Киркорова за плагиат

Ivan Urgant has its finger on the pulse and its program “Evening Urgant” often discusses the most striking news. So, at a recent live showman decided to highlight just two events and combined them into one. We are talking about the victory of Donald trump on elections and the indictment of the king of the national stage of plagiarism.

So Philip, despite the fact that his name has been involved in a scandal, congratulated the odious businessman with a victory, published on the page together. The singer signed words of an ABBA “The winner takes it all”. This could not fail to notice, and made fun of Philip Bedrosovich, they say, even in everyday life it is borrowing: “a second before a kiss this photograph. And look what he wrote Philipp: “The winner takes it all”. Even in this greeting he could not resist and borrowed this phrase from ABBA”.