Ivan Urgant promoted Julianna Karaulov in show business

Иван Ургант продвигал Юлианну Караулову в шоу-бизнес Popular broadcaster and wrote songs for the youth group in which singing celebrity. Yulianna Karaulova took the first steps in the group. Ivan Urgant was a music producer, an aspiring actress.

      A little over a year ago, the singer Yulianna Karaulova started a solo career, leaving the popular band “5sta Family”, where she sang for several years. However, at the dawn of his singing career a graduate of the fifth season of “American idol” was part of the youth team Yes! Only recently has it become known that the famous TV presenter Ivan Urgant has played a significant role in the creative life of an aspiring artist. As it turned out, he wrote the songs, who sang the 13-year-old Yulianna in the composition of the youth team.

      Yulianna Karaulova: “group “5sta Family” I was leaving with bitterness”

      “John was the musical producer of the group in which I sang at the age of 13. He recorded us at the Studio, we sang his songs. One of them we even shot a video. The songs were released on CDs and sold together with the magazine Yes! who organized the team,” said Karaulov.

      Now Julianna has been successfully building a career and trying to fulfill my creative ambitions. For this she was even willing to make some sacrifices. Karaulov happy that her boyfriend understands how important for her scene, but because it does not hurry with the wedding.

      “Every girl wants to try on a wedding dress, and then live happily ever after. But it is a big responsibility. I am very glad that we with Andrey from one sphere and we understand that now, when everything started to turn into a career, not a step back”, – said the singer in a recent interview.

      Julianna was grateful for the songs that created the stars, and recalls with pleasure the time. Despite the fact that the group did not last long, she fondly speaks about team work.

      “The group lasted less than a year. Van had not before, as publishers of the magazine. By the way, I still listen back to the songs. One of the songs he covered and released on their album Grisha Urgant” – shared memories of Yulianna in conversation with the publication Life.ru.