Иван Ургант сделал заявление о работе на Первом канале The presenter remains in the same place. As reported by Dmitry Borisov on air “Let them talk”, disturbing rumors the last three months have confirmed – Ivan Urgant decided to continue work on the main TV channel of the country.
Иван Ургант сделал заявление о работе на Первом канале

Ivan Urgant took the scandalous decision – he remains to work on the First channel. This news, announced the new host of the program “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov appeared on the channel’s website and in the official group of the program “Evening Urgant” in one of the social networks. The channel guide doesn’t know how to be for him the decision of the broadcaster was a complete surprise.

In the video Dmitry Borisov, who is in the Studio “Let them talk” reads the text that the style is very reminiscent of the messages that regularly appear in the media this summer. Similarly, with a claim to sensation of the information tape brings to its readers new information about the resignation of the First channel TV presenter and editor of “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov.

“Disturbing rumors the last three months have confirmed – the popular TV presenter Ivan Urgant decided not to go with the First channel, says in the story Dmitry Borisov. – This decision was a complete surprise, as for the management of the channel and the viewers. A loud statement was the main theme of Internet portals and information agencies. Why Ivan keeps silent, and for two months did not change the photo from a summer vacation on his page in social networks. The main intrigue of this summer – who will lead the program “Evening Urgant” if Ivan Urgant remains on the First channel. See the first program Evening Urgant, dedicated to the scandalous decision of Ivan Urgant to stay on the First channel, September 1 on the First channel”.

Users instantly caught the catch and the irony of the video, which is, incidentally, the site of the First channel is placed with a mark “the Most creative on-air promotion projects of the First channel”.

“Few people know that in order to transfer “Evening Urgant”, Ivan Urgant had been born,” “As he foresaw it?”, “Rumor has it that instead of Ivan Urgant transfer will lead Urgant Ivan”, “It was a difficult and hard-won solution”, “Sasha Revva can lead “Evening Sasha?” – wittily responded to a promo video the band “Evening Urgant” on “Facebook.”

It is worth noting that the new television season on the First channel and really marked by a number of revolutionary changes. Channel left a landmark for him presenter Andrey Malakhov, there were no projects on the Ground and Alexander Oleshko. Won’t see the viewers favorite over the years programs “While all houses” and “Alone with all”. There were rumors about the closure of the “Fashionable sentence”, “let’s get married!”, “The first Studio”. All the intrigue will be revealed this fall.