Ivan Urgant lowered the price of the mansion he is trying to sell TV presenter Ivan Urgant decided to get some money quickly , trying to sell his mansion on Rublyovka.

Ivan Urgant reduced the price of the mansion, which is trying to sell Recall that Urgant, according to sources, left the territory of the Russian Federation and settled in Israel. He really needs the money right now. Only now, in the current conditions, it is not so easy to sell expensive real estate. Urgant reduced the price of the mansion, which is trying to sell” />

At one time, Ivan bought a cottage for 400 million rubles, tried to sell it for about the same, but there were no people willing. Now, according to realtors, the price has been reduced to a record high – the TV presenter hopes to sell the house for at least 150 million. But, according to experts, even this price no one wants to pay. First of all, because the house itself, by the standards of the rich, is not very good. It is old-fashioned and without modern renovation, and most importantly, the inside of the structure is affected by black mold, which the showman discovered after he purchased the property. Urgant did not want to invest in the “repair” of the mansion, preferring simply not to come there, putting a lock on the door. jpg” alt=”Ivan Urgant reduced the price of the mansion he is trying to sell” />

So, according to the real estate agency, the cottage is just a “burden”. But the plot on which it stands is truly huge, and therefore absurd.

“In fact, land is being sold for the requested money – there are practically no such large plots on the market. The house in this state is rather a burden. It seems to me that this object may be of interest to a potential buyer, so that they can then break the site into five or six separate plots and sell it at a profit,” the real estate agent argues. Ivan did not succeed in the cost. You have to sell at a loss. But Vanya himself was scammed by someone to acquire him.

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