Ivan Urgant: “I don’t know how to lay off employees!”

Иван Ургант: «Я не знаю, как увольнять сотрудников!»
The presenter acted as expert at the business forum.

Ivan Urgant

Photo: press service of the forum

24-25 April in Moscow hosted a business forum of national significance
Synergy Insight Forum 2017. The forum organizer — School of Business, University
“Synergy”. The event brought together in one hall 5,000 participants – entrepreneurs and
top managers of the largest Russian companies.

On the stage of Crocus City Hall, addressed 25 of the best speakers of the country: Radislav
Gandapas, Igor Mann, Pavel Astakhov, Isaac Pintosevich, Alexander Friedman, Mark
Kukushkin and others. Special guest of the event was the famous TV presenter
Ivan Urgant.

7days.ru publishing extracts from his speech.

About the ability to relate yourself not serious.

For more than 800 editions of his talk show I learned how important it is to be able to treat myself seriously. This does not mean frivolously or foolishly. You just have to allow sometimes to laugh at yourself. When people are not afraid to be funny, he becomes invulnerable. Conversely, if one begins to take offence or make out, it looks even more ridiculous, while others feel uncomfortable.

About information.

It is important to verify the accuracy of information. One bad mistake with the facts can put a cross at work, which spent a lot of time and resources.

About human relations.

I don’t know how to lay off employees. I work with more than 100 people, and during all this time, fired just a few. And only for theft, drunk and stabbing (with irony). Relationships with employees should be more humane. Treat them as people with whom you will spend a lot of time. As to people who should be your peers.

About trust and respect.

It is important, when you feel that you are treated with respect. Respect for and trust in employees, tied to company is much better than rigid contracts, threats and strict control. If you don’t feel warm of this team of business, creative content.

About the readiness to all.

No matter how good the plan, things can go awry at any moment. Whatever happens, no matter how critical the situation was not do not be discouraged and do not let the thought: “all gone!”. I want to give you an example. My mother died it was totally unexpected, I was by this completely unprepared. I at the time was 37 years, and God forbid any of you ever worry that, God forbid, that all your relatives were alive and healthy. During the funeral next to me sat a friend of the family, very kind and good person, but, unfortunately, did not calculate on this day of the strength in alcohol, and at some point he began to push me in the shoulder with the words: “Vanya, Vanya, why are you so sad?”. And you know what, friends, that is my main recollection of this event. If you treat our lives so, if very sad and very terrible, and nothing is more sad in my life didn’t happen, we will remember these moments, we just will be all the easier.”