Иван Ургант раскрыл секрет воспитания дочерей The presenter revealed details of family life. Ivan Urgant was the guest of the program “Posner” on channel one. During the broadcast the man answered the questions of Vladimir, associated with children, career and Outlook on life.
Иван Ургант раскрыл секрет воспитания дочерей

Today, may 15, hero edition of the program “Pozner” has become the famous showman Ivan Urgant. The conversation of the two popular persons domestic television has turned lively and interesting. Not without its brand of jokes guest star. In the first half of the transmission of the guest has shared his revelations about raising three girls.

So, when the conversation turned to ways of leisure in the family celebrity, Ivan Andreevich told that tries to isolate two youngest daughters – one-year-old Valerie and nine-year-old Nina – from watching television. Despite the fact that man is a worker of this realm, he prefers to see their children reading books or other activities.

“With TV, my youngest great relationships there. And Nina can half an hour a day to watch cartoons. She likes good animated films, tells the story of good that triumphs over evil. In these stories, the mermaid is always saved, and the girl with long hair in the end finds a husband”, – said the showman.

In addition to discussing the family, during the conversation touched on the subject of social networks and the Internet. By the way, Urgant is an active user of “Instagram”. In the microblog TV presenter often puts pictures from film sets and footage from the life. For example, before he published the middle daughter.

On the question of the relation to the world wide web Ivan replied that he considers himself a “human Wikipedia”. He shared an interesting story about how eve accidentally found myself reading articles on biology. The man noticed that information is readily accessible anytime and anywhere. Celebrity believes that because of this it loses its importance to humans and very quickly forgotten. In addition, Ivan Andreevich lamented the fact that for the same reason people don’t become more knowledgeable.

Also, the entertainer shared his thoughts about modern journalists. He noted that professionals in this sphere should be as aware of that broadcast audience.

“First, I don’t know of any media workers who would not understand something and talked about it. This is very important. They simply do not exist. And, secondly, there is such a good thing, as the responsibility”, – said Ivan Urgant.