Ивана Урганта подставила жена The whole country on 16 April marks the unofficial April fool’s Day – a well-known entertainer celebrates its 40th anniversary. On the eve of “StarHit” found out why Anton Komolov jealous of the birthday boy and what Anton Privolnov still asks his forgiveness.
Ивана Урганта подставила жена


Presenter of the program “test purchase” on “the First channel” Anton Privolnov jokes that when he sees at home “Ostankino” Ivan, he was ashamed to look a colleague in the eye. “Six months ago, Ivan invited me to show “Smak”, – says the “StarHit” Privolnov. – I do not like to Tinker in the kitchen, so found the recipe easier. Stopped at the Apple pie. The show pulled out of the fridge all the necessary ingredients and started cooking, Talking about life, while simultaneously washed, cut and mixed the products by following the recipe. Didn’t even notice how time has passed.

At the end of the program Urgant tried the pie. When Ivan took a bite, it’s face changed. He’s not supposed to show that the dish unpalatable. Bravely finished and thanked… on camera. And after the shooting gave: it turned out, we flopped back extra salt and vinegar, and cake, to put it mildly, has turned nasty. I laughed, I apologized. Repent now will definitely bring excellent Apple pie when invited to show “Evening Urgant”.

Ивана Урганта подставила жена


Ivan for more than 10 years happily married to schoolmate Natalia Kiknadze. According to relatives, this couple likes to admit each other’s feelings in unconventional ways. “Remember, Vanya was another birthday – says “StarHit” a friend of the family, directed by Alexander Oleynikov. But mark didn’t want for work at the time often gave concerts as a musician Grisha Urgant, and he was offered a large sum for a performance at the party in a closed restaurant. Supposedly the birthday girl is his longtime fan. Of earnings Vanya refused.

The appointed day arrived on time, began to prepare for the exit. On stage Vanya aroused thunderous applause. Went out to the audience and froze: the guests sat in the masks. Well, we all have our whims… Began to sing. During one of the songs leading commanded to show face. Here Urgant almost dropped the microphone from his hands. At the tables sat the friends, spouse and children. Secretly from her husband, Natasha facilitated the occasion. Ivan was in shock, even the Mat slipped. He couldn’t finish – the emotions took over. Holiday celebrated so much fun!”

Ивана Урганта подставила жена


Radio host Anton Komolov know Urgant since the early 2000s. As it turned out, colleagues are United not only passion, but also love for the same sport. “When meeting with Ivan, I can discuss the last broadcast buckwheat or report Arkady Mamontov and chat about basketball, – shares with “StarHit” the presenter. – We never played together. However, Vanya respects me, and I appreciate its dimensions. The only thing I envy, – he has pictures with the famous basketball player Clyde Drexler. I think this picture was taken during Beijing Olympics… Vanya! I wish that we finally met on the court! One-on-one, just you and me… and Chris Paul with me – just in case!”

Ивана Урганта подставила жена


Leading the program “Time” Ekaterina Andreeva wit could compete with Urgant. However, one prank showman it still impressed. “Did not know that Ivan will make a surprise before shooting him in the show, says star “StarHit”. – I got on Instagram was a video where my friend and rest in Bali… I Remember sitting at home, include “the First channel”. And Vanya, as usual, advertised, who will come to him the next day – suddenly you see yourself! Urgant did a freeze frame on that moment, where lie buried in the sand, with her hair like Medusa. The photo has made my business suit essential. Vanya has something seriously managed to speculate, and I looked at his hair “fell from the truck, a brake head,” and it was most ridiculous. On the other is not offended, but Balinese “laying” on the show decided not to repeat!”


The Director Alexander Voitinskii TV presenter met on the set of the film “Christmas Tree”. “In the summer, when the voice of the painting, in the Studio, the heat was unbearable, – shares with “StarHit” the colleague Urgant. Still looking how to get saved, bought water, fanned scenarios… But not the van, he looked fit as a fiddle. Ask: “what’s your secret?” He smiles and from behind pulls out a gun. At first I did not understand why his prichalka for flowers. Only then, explained that she rescues from the heat, there is pumped cold water and spray on occasion. A tricky fixture rated, now he carries around with him on shooting!”