Ivan Urgant explained why I admire my wife

Иван Ургант объяснил, почему восхищен женой Many fans of the entertainer are closely watching the life of his family. Some believe that Ivan Urgant very strict and serious spouse. However, the moderator does not think so and calls it a very funny woman.

      The family of Ivan Urgant is admired by many fans of the showman. TV presenter many years happily married to Natalia Kiknadze. The couple has two daughters: eight-year-old Nina and Valery, who just this year turned one year old. Also Ivan is very good at communicating with heiress wife from his first marriage, Erica. Apparently, it was with Natalya Urgant was able to feel truly happy.

      “I can say that she is the absolute embodiment of the phrase Zhvanetsky: “wives need to choose a cheerful, fun – clever, clever – a gentle, delicate – faithful. And patient”. How can you say better? That’s all it is in Natasha. And more fun person than Natasha, it is impossible to meet. I can not imagine next to him another woman,” said Ivan.

      Apparently, that’s why Natalia was the only person that showman had decided to have children. Star dad loves his daughters. According to him, he always feels uncomfortable when he can’t give them enough attention. Every summer the whole family selects to Stockholm, as the presenter was filled with love for this city.

      Unlike some colleagues, Ivan is not afraid to show pictures of children on social networks. However, those most youngest daughter he never shows. But fans of the stars can enjoy images involving Nina. Eight-year-old heiress grows to be a very talented girl. According to father, she has a great memory. Urgant is not building projections, who are more similar in nature girl. “Nature still formed later. But she loves to laugh, this is important. And eat loves, it is also important to me,” said Ivan in an interview with Vadim wernick of “OK!”.

      Ivan Urgant instills in her daughter a love of country

      Recall that Urgant and his wife prefer not to publicize the details of his personal life. About the third pregnancy Natalia became known only after her husband accidentally saw it in a bookstore. They considered children’s books, and eyewitnesses saw the woman he loved TV presenter rounded tummy. Leroy was born on 21 September last year. According to some, it was named in honor of the mother of TV presenter.